Sending your kid to school the first time always give any parent the mixed feelings of excitement and anxiety. Naturally, we’d want them to have the best experience in school at an early age so it won’t affect the way they feel about education in the future. Choosing a Montessori kindergarten near mutiara damansarawas definitely a top option the top option for us as our child’s first school. I have already heard a lot of great things about Montessori schools from my fellow parents, so it was not the difficult to choose it for my 4-year old son.

Ace Kids was the nearest Montessori school from where we lived in Petaling Jaya. During our first visit to Ace Kids, we already felt extremely comfortable with the school compound. Even us as adults found the entire surroundings fun, so we were readily confident that our son would fit in. The school’s program boasts of their “play-based learning” method, wherein the student are literally allowed to play while learning. According to the teachers, this is being done to cater to the unique characteristics of the kids at a certain age level. While they can have free activities inside the classroom, the learning sessions are also prepared ahead to make sure that the young learners are still able to gain something from their class time.

I personally liked the no fuss academic curriculum, with the main goal of simply equipping the children with the basics including reading, writing, listening, and counting. We were also assured by the administrator that the classes will be kept in small sizes so that the teachers will be able to provide the students with sufficient attention. This is definitely reassuring for parents to know, especially considering how difficult it is to manage a room full of young and first time learners. Also recognizing the short and erratic attention span of kids, Ace Kids has their own multimedia room, which is dedicated for computer-based learning for students from 2-6 years old. From the facilities to the teaching method, there’s really nothing I can ask for from this Montessori Kindergarten.

One concern that you get from such a nurturing environment though is the possibility of the kids getting too spoiled with such a well-equipped kind of school. Realistically speaking, they’ll have to adjust to the new environment outside of a Montessori school once the go for a higher education. However, I was extremely pleased to see that my own son developed a sense of awareness about his surroundings, even outside of the school. He also asserted to do things on his own in the house, 17343072_962142457254610_6474954948438437106_nbecause that’s what teachers taught them at school. He would try to fix his own bed and arranging things in his school bag. We never forced them to do this because we always thought he was too young. Apparently, in Ace Kids Montessori Kindergarten, children are not just taught to learn cognitively. They are also being trained on how to be more independent and a dependable member of the society. By merely seeing these progress from my child, including his academic learning, I can definitely say that enrolling him to Ace Kids is one of the best moves I made as a parent.

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